Hope Dream Sigh lyrics

All Songs by Ed Englerth  – Ed Englerth Music  BMI 2011


There is a voice That is small a quiet There is a vision That I cannot forget It’s a cry In the winds of time So often (so often) I want to hide
I’m being haunted I’m being tracked down I feel the breeze so I know That I’ve been found
There’s a tune That I cannot carry I try so hard And I get so weary Even when I’m at home You will not Leave me alone
Is it the story that carries my thoughts to you? Or hope for meaning beyond these things I do?
I find myself inside a cage With an orangutan half my age He wants to arm wrestle for my soul What come next – the strangest thing He crawls – inside my skin and he fights for the controls * //: the enemy within my skin ://
He has more strength than I and he bids me, ‘say goodbye’ Out of fear start to shake I open my eyes – it was a dream Then I hear the orangutan scream Even though I’m wide awake *
If I attack – he backs away I turn around he grabs my neck If he ever wears me down He’ll grind my bones to make his bread If I say stop – he’ll pretend to rest There’s deception in his very breath
//: within my skin ://
How do I love the preacher? How do I love the politician? How do I love the billionaire? How do I love without conditions?
How do I love the homeless? How do I love the drunks? How do I love the fearful? How do I love instead of run? //: How do I love? ://
How do I love my family? How do I love those that live next door? How do I love environmentalist? How do I love without keeping score? //: How do I love? ://
How do I love the vegan? How do I love the hunter? How do I love the traffic cop? How do I love the banker?
How do I love the jaded? How do I love the innocent young? How do I love the intellectual? How do I love the ones I’d rather shun? //: How do I love? ://
How do I love myself? How do I love the light? That reveals my wicked ways And all of my denials
//: How do I love? ://  hey hey    //: How do I love? ://
Just because I am depressed Doesn’t mean that things aren’t broken It may not mean, just take my pills Or give meaningless a positive spin When life falls as burning leaves With limbs twisted as if lightning struck Rebuild, repair, maybe reverse engineer Even if everything turned to dust
* If we don’t try it’ll never get done If we don’t ask the answer’s no This life is not a waste Love is the debt we owe
Paul says ‘don’t grow weary of doing good’ Well that’s the way the race is run We will see visions – and will dream dreams We have yet to see what we will become *
Awe of God – The beginning of wisdom Don’t hide the light – We are all travelers * //: try, ask, live, love :// *
Chalk it up to high expectations Chalk it up to short sightedness of greed Chalk it up to anything you want You know the chalk is still going to bleed
Chalk it up to providence Chalk it up to whoever is in the White House now Chalk it up to our ancestors Chalk it up to what the law now allows
Chalk it up to too much repetition Chalk it up to rarely saying a word Chalk it up to the educational system Chalk it up to the absurd
* Chalk it up (chalk it up) to experience Chalk it up (chalk it up) to foolishness Chalk it up – chalk it up my friend To a world without end
Chalk it up to a belief in the Holy one Chalk it up to belief in energy or matter plus time plus chance Chalk it up to our infinite wisdom Chalk it up to our arrogance
Chalk it up to to selfish ambition Chalk it up to giving it all away Chalk it up to prudence Or whatever her name is today. * *
To a world without end   –    Chalk it up my friend
He hadn’t been looking for trouble It was the last thing he thought he’d need He didn’t understand the motivation Was planted much like a seed
He went right to her side Like a long lost friend Although they’d never met Anyone could guess the end
* It was trouble, trouble from the very start It was trouble, trouble with an empty heart
He thought he understood Why he lost at love He always believed he’d stop But he never got enough
He’d end up hurting Each and every time But just let a girl walk past And she’d stay right on his mind *
This kind of life is wearing thin There’s only one place that he needs to begin And it’s not with trouble * *
You don’t have to do a lot Sometimes just a whisper Just a single word Breathing atmosphere
* Don’t Give Up On Me
Your touch on a shoulder Is changing history Redirection anticipation Unfolding this mystery *
That attitude in your eyes That needs no explanation Detailed attention Stirs up expectation*
If you leave – it’s empty I you leave there’s nothing I may look like there’s a man standing here But you know he’s only bluffing. * *
Its seems a little insane to me To share such a thing out loud If I was out of step before I’m beyond the left field bleachers now
* I declare love is not a dream There is harmony there is symmetry Love is strong – we are weak I declare love is what we need
They say that’s nice but it won’t last They  say in the end all we have is pain Long dark shadows passing over us The mist of distrust just leaves us drained * They try to shut us down They say Hey that’s not allowed They turn around and the next thing we know They are trying to throw us out (Hey) *
//: I declare love is what we need ://
I’m trying not to wreck these pictures I’m looking at So much depth in each one, holds a river that comes flowing back Paper and color are held together by a moment in time Each one’s a life now revealed,  a hope, a dream, a sigh
* The voices and the laughter We thought we get what we were after Now these pictures are all that’s left Of where we were I’m reminded of what was back then and what will never be again These people have all moved on, few things work out as planned *
Now my eyes are blurry Half from weariness – half from tears I’ve got to put these pictures away As I fall asleep I can still hear * //: Where we were :// *
I don’t want to go to school I don’t want to go to work I don’t want to change my oil I don’t want to change my shirt
* I want to be inspired I want to see visions I want money to buy the future I want to lay out in the sun
I don’t want to be destructible I don’t want to be lied to I don’t want war (who does) I don’t want to be food *
I don’t want to run in circles I don’t want to be pushed around I don’t want to be cut off on the freeway I don’t want to be to be told, ‘it’s too loud’ * *
You’d think by now that I’d know But I don’t know love at all I thought saw love across the street When I walked over I found out I was wrong
You’d think by know I’d know enough To hide all of this away But I want to know, I want to know I can’t just sit here and wait
* Whatever you believe Love can or cannot do You’d think by now, you’d think by now We’d know more about love Well, well, well. Maybe not so well No matter how many times I lose I keep on going, I’m so far in debt I can’t quit, no, I refuse *
Am I looking for clarity? Am I looking for my way? I am going to keep on moving, keep on trying & I’ll stand when I can no longer walk *
Just across town From the job I work each day I’ve got an apartment And a red Chevrolet I’ve got a DVR to catch my videos So it won’t seem so empty When I get home
* I so often wish that you were here To touch my fevered brow And calm my worst fears
The same familiar scenes Moment to moment The money comes n’ goes For bills and rent Makes my outside hard Turns my outside in I close my eyes And try to breathe again *
Won’t you love me? Past emotional poverty Won’t you love me? And help these eyes to see Won’t you love me? Isolation takes time to heal Won’t you love me? Help my unbelief * *
It’s the man with the empty pockets With the back as strong as steel He’ll be ready if work comes But that doesn’t help with the way he feels
His boot leather getting thinner His patience is like his shoes When he thinks about who he is And yet he’s made to play the fool
* He’s got empty pockets He’s got the blues He’s got empty pockets And nothing to hold onto
He’s been out of work for two years Feels like 23 Unemployment figures keep rising The bottom is all he sees
He never claimed it was easy Now he wonders will it be at all And gone is his security He’s back’s up against the wall *
He wakes up later each morning He goes to bed later each night His world is gone with the sunset And it won’t be back with the morning light   * *  
Sometimes I hear sad stories You’ve heard them too How folks can’t get along Well that’s nothing new N’ I admit I am far from perfect I don’t always see things in the clearest light I’ve made my fair share of mistakes I’ve even been known to cause more than one fight My baby n’ I haven’t been getting on to well I don’t always clean the floor and she is always bored She wants me to take out the trash She tells me it smells and then she leaves for the store Five hours later she comes back from shopping The trash is still sitting right where she left it & she’s turning red & she’s staring at me, & she says, ‘what part of throw it out don’t you get baby?’ Well she goes out to the back yard Takes a swing in the hammock I go out to the barrel and throw in the trash ‘It’ll be gone soon’ I say with a smile As I reach in my pocket n’ I pull out a match She says it stinks so I give a little laugh, I say ‘I’m sorry it’s burning so slow – I’ll make it burn fast’ So I get an empty soup can – And I fill it with fuel She told me not to do that then she calls me a fool I don’t know how it happened – I almost fell Half went in the barrel and half on myself. N’ I cried, ‘I’m on fire, please call for help’ She said, ‘I told you not to do it, call’m yourself’ (aaahhh, that’s cold)
Sometimes I hear sad stories You’ve heard’m too How folks can’t get along Well that’s nothing new Now I’m lying here in the hospital With 3rd degree burns and there’s one lesson I hope you’ve learned No matter how bad it gets with your mate Compared to me and my X you two are doin’ great Hhhhhmmmmm, you two are looking great. Exceptional, Wow, amazing, mighty fine, looking good  
 //: What do I do There goes the backup plan :// What do I do? I can’t cry, I can’t laugh
//: Where should I go the bridge is out //: Where should I go? I’m sinking down
//: Who do I ask Do you think it’s too late :// Yeah who do I ask? Can you give me a name?
//: Why should I care Reason is dead on its feet :// Why should I care? Can you tell me please?
//: What do I do Where should I go :// Why should I care (and if I did) How will I know?
When words fail To describe the way we feel To explain That the pain inside is real
When words fail The verbal symbols crumble Down between us Lay shattered at our feet
When words fail – I can’t stop My heart beats on in love When words fail
When words fail And our world disintegrates We can’t define Why we can’t communicate *
There’s more to love And life has more meaning Than the failure of words That seem so unyielding * *
I am not laying my burden down I will not go quietly I am taking on this battle There’s a difference between wants and needs
While ‘wants’ may cause pressure While ‘needs’ juggle life and death When this struggle is over There will only be one thing left
//: A good death ://
While death tries to distract me With a fight or flight response I pray for strength and hope And rest when this is done       //: a good death ://
Actions speak louder than theories Resolve’s hard to predict I’m ready for eternity But I’m not there yet //: a good death ://
I am falling on my knees So exhausted from this grief And oh Lord, I see an angel Help me with this agony       //: a good death ://
Lord grant mercy Lord grant strength Wrap your arms around me I won’t survive with less


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