PINGO lyrics

#1 What Have I Become  The Motions I Go Through Don’t Make Me Who I Am. My Identity Is  Exposed By Every Game I Play. Been Lookin’ At The Years They Seemed Stacked Against Me. I’m Not Leaving The Clues I Thought I’d Leave.  What Have I Become A River Flows Through This Body Of Mine.  A Polluted  Stream, Someone Should Put Up Signs, “Swim At Your Own Risk, Danger At  Every Bend, Don’t Cut Your Foot On The Ships I Have Wrecked” Has Justice Been Asleep? Hit It’s Head When I Fell? Who’s Called Out The Name Of This Infidel? I’m Not Alone On This Road Grace Moves Me On All Through The Night I Can See The Dawn, But I’ve Got To Know The Truth, To Choose The  Path Less Trod, I’m Bound For Destruction If I Never Face What I’ve Become  #2 Coffee Blues Wake Up And Smell It My Body Screams, It’ll Be Closer To Your Lips That Way You Won’t Have To Just Dream Of That Coffee Good Coffee Hot Coffee Give It To Me Oh That Coffee Good Coffee Hot Coffee, Black Coffee  Give It To Me It Gets Me Percolating, It Gives Me Power To Jump Tall Buildings In A Single Bound I Can Never Get Enough. I’m Addicted To That Coffee,  What Am I To Do I Just Can’t Live Without It,  I Got The Coffee Blues A Swimming Pool Of Coffee? Where’d That Come From? Is This A Blessing From The Kitchen Up Above? Then I Hear A Voice It Says “Jump On In. You Won’t Have To Drink It It’ll Absorb Through Your Skin”  #3 Angels  I Sleep In A Dresser Drawer, Nothing More I’m Small.  Always Want The Light Left On All Night Long In The Hall.  Angels Watch Over Me When I Sleep It’s Good To Know They Keep An Eye On Me Angels Watch Over Me When I Sleep.  At Night Father Comes And Tucks Me In N’ Says I’ve Been A Good Lad As We Pray Beside My Bed I Lay My Head On My Dad   #4  Shall We Stop  We Set Our Compass By Our Culture, We See The Future By It’s Heavenly Light, We Stoke The Fire Of This  Crimson Flame, We Tie A Knot In The Bed Sheets At Night, We Waist While The Hours Grow Cold, We Taste What Kills Us Slowly, We Think We Know Knowing Nothing, We Clasp Our  Hands That Can Not Hold, Shall We Stop At The Temple Of Doom, Shall We Rest By The Lake Of Fire, Shall We Know As We Are Known, Shall We Live Out Our Desires We Can’t Sit Still In Luxury, We Don’t Mind If This Drinks Corrupt, We Don’t Find Any Lap Of Comfort, We Won’t Honor What We Can’t Love, When We’ve All Passed The Test, When We’ve Passed Into Eternity, When We’ve Lost All We Set Our Hand To, When We’re Buried, ….. In The Deepest Sea  #5  One More Chance  I’ve Fallen By A Lamp Post In The Middle Of The Night,  My Clothes, Torn N’ Bloody The Pain, Deep N’ Wide, My Vision Was Blurred, I Thought I’d Lost My Rights, I Swore They’d Been Stolen, So Someone Had To Die,  One More Chance One More Chance, I’m Broken N’ Blind With No Where To Hide, Though It’s Vanishing, Fast One More Chance We’re Confronted By A Hurricane, That Blew Away Our Dreams, Washed Us In A Tidal Wave Of Depravity (Depravity), Closed Our Eyes With Pokers Stolen From The Fire, And We Could Not Speak The Screams Of Our Desires, Looking Through The Windows N’ Stumblin’ Through The Door, Hearing Voices In The Heavens #6  Healing Sharp Words Shake Me Loose, Please Forgive This Attitude, Out Of The Well Sounds Are Heard, A Bubble, A Sob Three Awful Words, Everyone Needs Healing, At The Bottom They Rampage, Walk The Pit N’ Seek Escape, If They Came Out One By One, I Could Slay Each Dragon, Terror Was Worse Then The Agony, When This Child Eyed Each Enemy, Years Of Time Riches Gone, The Monster’s Will Still, Iron Strong, To Face The Beasts, To Find The  Names, And Annihilate, Each Cause Of Pain  #7  Flashes Of Ignorance  The Politics Of Love Are Fought In The Fields. And Felled In The Forest But No One Hears. Jewels Of Life, Plucked From Their Settings. Pigs In The Store, Don’t Know What They’re Getting. I See Flashes Of Ignorance Pulling Oxygen Out Of Thin Air. Thermal Inversions. Topographic Despair. There Is No Security In This House. Perversion Attacks What It Can’t Devour. Tragedy Of The Commons. Unmanaged Random Access. Resource Degradation. Death Is Greed’s Effect  #8  How How Can There Be So Much Pain In Just One Heart. How Can I Feel Through All These Scars. How Can Love Be Turned Away. How Can The Answers Be So Hard.  How How will I know when I’m a fake, How will I tell which road to take, How will my soul, How will my soul be healed, How will I live if there’s no grace, How Do You Help When You’re Not Sure What’s Wrong. How Do You Grasp When You’re Not That Strong. How Do You Keep Going When You’re Almost Gone. How Do You Know That You’re Finally Known.  #9  Shadows The Words And Phrases That I Was Taught, Are Becoming  Meaningless Or Jokes, Communication’s Coming To A Standstill,  It’s A Corpse That’s Growing Cold, I’m Living In The Shadows, Going Through The Motions Of Past Ideas,  Falling Through The Bottom Line, Actions Speak Louder And Louder, A Garbled, Screeching Diatribe, Shadows Of A Time Long Past,  Where The Light Shines Bright, We Closed Our Eyes, We Shut The Blinds,  Put On Sunglasses, And Tried To Hide Someone Hit The Switch, Where There’s No Light, There’s No Shadows – #10  Dance Of The Panda (Instrumental)#11  Move The Mountain  He Walked Along The  Shoreline And Was Quiet As A House, He’d Been Burned To The Ground, And Could Not Speak Out Loud, As His Eyes Followed The Movement Of The Waves, His Face Was So Somber, And His Hair In Disarray, He Could Not Move The Mountain He Could Not Remove The Pain From Where I Stood He’d Moved Everything He Could And He Might Never Move Again The Sun Was High  Behind A Cloud, The Water Licked The Shore, As He Turned He Look At Me, Then Walked On As Before, As We Approached The Embers Of The Burnt Out Frame, I Wanted To Do Or Speak, Something To This Plague, I Never Saw The Purpose Or The Reason, Though They Always Said I Would, And If It Appeared This Very Moment, It’d Still Be Misunderstood  #12 To Move, To Think, To Talk    What Do I Do With You, Why Do You Love Me, Where Do I Start To Move, To Think, To Talk, What Do You Mean To Me, In The Day To Day, Where Do I Start To Move, To Think, To Talk, To Move With You Just Like A Dancer To Think With You Take Every  Thought Captive To Talk With You Without  Distractions I Surrender To You What Do I Say To You, How Do I Listen, Where Do I Start To Move, To Think, To Talk  #13  Injustice It’s A Very Grey Day,  Blacks And Whites In The Streets, Rain Runs Down The Sewers In Long Red Streaks, TV Films The Beatings, Shows The Outer Extremes, Never Shows The Quiet Hate, Never Catches The Silent Screams Injustice, In A Fallen World  Moving To That Rebel Beat, Fight For Change For Change, No Other Reason, No Other Way, The Sins We Do  Soon Become Our Cage, Trouble In The World God Never Planned, Woman Took The Apple Gave It To The Man, (He Didn’t Complain Much),  It’s A Very Gray Day, Blacks And Whites In The Streets, Rain Runs Down The Sewers In Long Red Streaks, Moving To That Rebel Beat, Fight For Change For Change No Other Reason, No Other Way The Sins We Do Soon Become Our Cage  #14  My World I Can’t Abandon  What I Can’t Give, Who Do I Trust With What Is Hidden, I Walk Disjointed N’ It Affects My Path, These Decisions Leave Me Bound And Gagged, Rearrange My Hold  And Grip My Fears Excuses Can’t Rip Me Away From Here So I Continue  But Can’t Be Cured As I Hold Tight To My World I Can’t Submit, But I Feel The Flame, I Can’t Rejoice In What My Hands Have Made, The Unobtainable Solutions Are Beyond What I Can Pay, The Inescapable Conclusion Disappears Into The Haze   #15  I’ll Break Though I Heard A Rumor On The Train Last Night, Never Said “Now Listen Here”, But He Spoke His Mind, Stood Up Against The Wall, Where The Light Was Blue, Although The Stories Sad He Said, “You Can Make It Through”, So I’ll Break Though I Watch As The Cities Pass By, With My Hand On My Hip, Don’t Bother Asking ‘Round, There’s No Place To Sit, I’ll Finish This Drink, I’ll Remember The Price, It Won’t Be My Last, And It’s A Long Dark Ride, A Train Stop On Nightly Tour, Sharing Time Concentrated And Pure, We’re Castaways With A Place To Meet, With Ticket In Hand that Cost  everything #17 Three Men On A Hill  Three Men On A Hill, One would steal you blind, He’d beat you and leave you for dead, Were hate on his sleeve with pride, F If you can see his face, Look into his eyes,  Who is this man, Outlined against the sky, Three Men On A Hill, One’s sorry for the life he’s lead, He wants to be forgiven, Admits guilt without defense, F,Three Men On A Hill, One dies without a fight, He’s the only one who’s innocent, Yet he was sent to die F F All songs ©è1999 ED Englerth Music

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