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‘Angry’ by Ed Englerth
Heat I feel Heat inside
In my head and in my heart
In my arms and in soul
Heat I feel Heat inside
Weight I feel the weight on me
On my head and on my heart
On my back and on soul
Weight I feel the weight on me
and I’m Angry, I am angry
Angry, I am angry
Pain I feel pain inside
In my head and in my heart
Deep inside, inside my soul
Pain I feel pain inside
and I’m Angry, I am angry
Angry, I am angry
trying to be honest
trying to explain
n’ get a grip
I’m way past shame
and I’m Angry, I am angry
yeah I’m Angry, I am angry
Angry, I am angry
Angry, I am angry
Angry, Angry, Angry, Angry, Angry,
Angry, I am angry

‘Lost On The Way To Morning’
by ED Englerth
The walls are empty
The air’s an oily film
The only light pours
From my computer screen
Life is fragile
N’ mine is cracked
The tide flows in
But it won’t flow back
v Lost on the way to morning
Fruit falls lost
One by one
I hate the things
This man’s become
The darkest ocean
I’ve ever seen
I’m at the bottom
And it’s crushing me  v
They say hope arrives with the dawn
I’d desire that if I could last that long  v v

God In A Box by ED Englerth
We turn his crank – the music plays
We’ll know what he’ll do
And what he’ll say
He’s our god in a box 
Say jack – we got it all figured out
No big deal – nothing to shout
We read the bible – we follow the rules
When the church bells ring
Everyone drools
q       //: We’ve got god in a box ://
We’re holy – we don’t make mistakes
We smile a lot – but our hearts don’t ache
Long prayer lists – we pay our tithe
We’re only living for the by n’ by  q
       We don’t limit God
We only limit ourselves
He don’t fit in a box
Never did and never will
He’s no god in a box

If It’s Like This On Earth   by EPE
If your brakes give out now baby
I will help you stop
If you want to come through the door
You will not find it locked
If you tell me that it’s cold outside
You can wear my coat
If you got a question
I’ll answer if I know
 //: If it’s like this on earth
Consider heaven ://
When your garden needs water
You’re free to use my well
If the wolf comes to the door
I will answer if you yell
Get it off your chest
I’ll be there to listen
I’ll help you find yourself
If you discover you are missing 
If all friends exit baby
I won’t leave you
If things get heavy
I will be your mule
When shadows fall
All across the heart
Don’t be afraid
Just tell me where you are 
If the house is haunted
Take hold of my hand
We’ll face our demons
We’ll stand back to back
When the revolution
Comes busting through the door
Look them in the eye
These are the dogs of war
If there’s nothing left
Then that can be done or said
That’s the day
We’ll lie down with the dead 

For You by ED Englerth (for Addie’s Wedding)
As a child I wanted to be honest
I had no secretes to discover
I would run around the house
With my emotions uncovered
As I grew up life got complicated
It was subtle and discreet
A gradual overtaking
Stretching credibility
r      For you I open up
           my heart and mind
For you my love
every day and every mile
is for you
It’s for you
I don’t want misunderstanding
I want to make it clear to you
So you’ll know the real me
I will not hide the truth  r
We can not regain
All of Eden’s garden
But this one part
We can try again  r

I Don’t Want To Wake Up by ED Englerth
The alarm is ringing
My time piece is buzzing
The little phone is ringing
The front desk is calling
Snooze is the button
More sleeps the idea
Slap n’ roll over
Wish I had another day
n     //: I don’t want to wake up ://
hit the snooze again
I’m almost awake
Another 10 minutes or 20
And I might just make it   n
My feet off the side of the bed
Down to the cold cold floor
Throw the covers every which way
I stumble into morning  n  n   n

Explain It Away by ED E
I’ve wasted my time
I’ve lost my treasure
You don’t listen to me
And it used to matter
I’ve picked up the phone
Several times to call you
Even when you answer
I can’t get though
p //: and we explain it away ://
         //: no wonder ://
What is there about mysteries
That sneak up on you
We’re feel astonished
When we feel like fools
At points on the calendar
We think we’re past the pain
We’ll try it all again
And make the same mistakes  p
      It’s never the same – it’s always a waste
     And it affects – the human race  p
We explain it all away
Or we blame somebody else
Or a chemical reaction
Claiming we’re not well
Or we play the victim
Say we never stood a chance
We’ve been conditioned from the start
And pull out the diagrams …To p  p

Long Time by ED E
It’s been a long time
Since I looked up at the moon
And it’s so quite here
And I’m missing you
It’s been a long time
Since I sat ‘neth the stars
This past winter was too long
And I wonder how you are
p //: It’s been a long time :// 4X
It’s been a long time
Since I heard you voice
Sweet echoes even now
Why did I go away
It’s been a long time
Since I admitted I was wrong
Even to myself it seems
I was blinded all along   p
It’s been a long time
But I pray it’s not too late
I won’t make that mistake again
Believe I have changed  p p

Mercy Mercy by ED Englerth
Please remember our weakness
We are but dust
There is no one like you
We need your love
1   //: Mercy Mercy ://
We wait all day long
At night we cry out
Carry me, oh carry me
We need you now   1
Rescue us – restore us
Protect us – sustain us   1 1

You Tell Me by ED Englerth
I ain’t got a reason to trust you
All I got is a rainy day
Lighting, thunder, & a hole in my roof
You want me to come out n’ play
 1  You tell me – It’s all right
You tell me – it’s OK
You tell me – almost anything
All you want is to have it your way
I don’t know why I didn’t it last time
A tree almost hit my car
Cold & wet is how you left me
Standing there in your front yard 1
This ain’t what I call fun no
All you have caused is pain
It this how you treat your friends?
How did you come up
With this twisted game? 1 1

At the count Of Three by ED Englerth
I had you – under my spell
Just like – a regular zombie
And you served,
you served me so well
So now I’ll, I’ll set you free       .
v   At the count of three
I want you to wake up
So (it’s) one – two – Three
Wake up – Wake up
Well you gave me
All of your pay
And it never seemed
Too complicated
And you believed
Everything I said
And you’ve been
so Dedicated v
I’m pulling you to your feet
Come on now open your eyes
It was so easy to fall asleep
After you swallowed my lies
It’s time to try – the hours arrived
I say it’s all right – I didn’t want you to die (lead)  v v
//: Come on wake up ://

Travel the Land by ED Englerth
She was born in the fullness of time
Conceived in commitment & passion
some say the divine had this all planned
I pray she’ll live long and be loved
I laid her by the door & walked off alone
I’d wrapped her with a blanket n’ bow
I love this child & did the best that I could
//: In time I think they will know ://
v  I’ll travel the land & tell all about her
Quite often I’ll quote her by heart
I’ll mix in stories of her bothers n ‘ sisters
//: & how each one got there start ://
 With wonder you head for the door
You heard the knocking twice three
Who would be out on a night so dark
At the door you sink to your knees
It’s a child you cry & you pull her inside
As you weep in disbelief
She’s a wonderful girl w/ short brown curls
//: & you can see that her magic runs deep:// v
I hope one day they’ll have kids of their own
Ripples in the sea of time
Each of my children are precious to me
I’m proud to call of each of them mine v
//: Travel the land ://

Song for Puck By ED Englerth
Oh we work and we work and we work
and we work and we scrub that cat clean
We scrub him in a dish and we scrub him on a pan
and we wrap him in a magazine
And when he’s dry we make some pie
With cat food and with milk
And he meows and he meows and he meows and he meows
and then he falls asleep

Dieing Is A Lonely Business by ED Englerth
Even when the mourners gather round
The hard work belongs to you
Six good friends carry all that’s left
There’s no excuses to hold to
 The choices are now thinner
And none are left for you
Be still, the game is over
And there are no final moves
 n It’s no longer a matter of trust
      there’s nothing to confess
      there’s nothing to talk over
     dieing, is a lonely business
your job is well defined
it’s as narrow as your box
you can’t even change your mind
N’ all the doors are locked
It’s the most primitive journey
Now your eyes are closed
The mortal coil is empty
It no longer serves as host  n
there’s one thing on which you can depend
death will never be your friend
that hand can not comfort you
but in the end it will lose it’s grip  n

Wishing Well by ED Englerth
There’s a hole – goes straight to hell
Little’s known – n’ less is said
Some treat that thing – like a wishing well
They drop their money – know where it fell
They scurry around – n’ worry n’ fret
They jump into – that wishing well
Been round for years – like a strange hotel
No furniture – just an empty shell
there’s always a vacancy – at the wishing well
yea there’s a vacancy at the wishing well
they put old Dan – in a prison cell
gave him a toilet – and a rusty bed
he dreams all night – ‘bout that wishing well
hear the voices speak (WHAT?) it’s hard to tell
they seem to be asking – who will be next
I think they’re invitations – to the wishing well
Yea, they’re invitations to that wishing well

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