Restless Ghost lyrics

What am I for by ed englerth

I look at the rocks around me
Round n’ flat on this shore
The ocean beats them all day long
Is that what this rocks are for
Wheat grows in the fields
Soak up the rains that pour down
Photosynthesis, with heads for food
Is that what this wheat is for
* //: what am I for? ://
I wake up as the trucks roll by
The network news tries to entertain
The artist sweats n’ strains to speak
Seems every other days the same
I’m just trying to stay sane
I take that back, I don’t try that hard
And the odds get even, it’s a game of cards
I just smile as I fall apart  *
What am I for? What am I for?
The door swings the vacuum cleaners suck
The earth spins and I’ve had enough
Twelve and thirty-nine are fifty-one
The flowers in the fields love the sun
Trash is stuff that gets thrown away
Will I be like that someday?  **

She Couldn’t Help But Believe by ed englerth

She longed to move
Out to the country
Out in the woods
Among the trees
Not so much an escape
But to a hope
Not out of fear
Yet to the unknown
* She’d heard the stories
         Wind blowin’ through the leaves
       And at night the moon and the stars
       She couldn’t help but believe
A tall dark man
With short straight hair
He stood blocking the doorway
Waved his hands in the air
He said you can’t leave
There’s nothing for you there
Lying through his smile
He knew but didn’t care  *
She climbed through the window
Out onto the roof
It was so hot up there
The tar felt like glue
She’d made a set of wings
N’ prayed they’d help her fly
She strapped them on her arms
And ran with all her might
As her foot left the edge
One shoe stayed behind
You can still see it from the window
A mysterious blue sign  **


Old Tales Of A Restless Ghost by ed englerth

Long n’ lonely
The sounds of scraping
Plays like laughter
With a hollow ring
*   He cannot hold a thought for long
     Wrings the bottom of his ragged coat
     Blood would drip if there were any left
     The old tales of a restless ghost
Ancient weary eyes
Can not comprehend
Look into the face
Of an old friend *
Fingers tied in knots
From trying to hold fire
The only hopeful sign
is deep in sightless eyes – deep inside   **


Mr Warrin by ed englerth

Mr Warrin finds no quiet place
Inside of his house
He walks with bloodshot eyes
All his thought are upside down
Mr Warrin is disoriented
He’s sad and tries to frown
It comes out as a smile
And all his words are mispronounced
*    He doesn’t understand
     How he got here
     He doesn’t understand
     How to leave
     He is held captive
      By his own gravity
His intentions are misunderstood
All his thoughts are scattered
His got a fever & it makes him chilled
He can not find the cure *
Mr Warrin’s been around the world
Someone always pays the way
He always carries baggage
That he never claims    *


Magnificent by ed englerth

I want to find someone
To be angry with
To fight some injustice
Or destroy some evil social myth
I want to feel something
On this cold cold night
So I jump on the spear
That the soldier holds high 
* //: magnificent ://  tragedy
I wish I could hide
So I kick out the lights
There is no where to go
It’s been a long strange ride  *
Calling up hate
Just to keep me awake
Love’s too tame
n’ peace is just lame *
//: magnificent ://
can you see it 
can you feel it
can you stand up
oh come on
isn’t it magnificent

I’m Gone by ed englerth

What do you want
When you say jump
What do you mean
When you say love
What are you expecting
I may not be too bright
But next time you bark
I’m sure to bite
* //: I’m gone ://
You make me so sick
What else can you steal
When you’ve taken everything
There’s nothing left to heal  *
I’m tired of guessing
What’s on your mind
Tired of figuring out
What you think is right
Tired of fighting
A ghost I can’t hit
Tired of living
Where I can’t fit  **


I Forgot Who I Am by ed englerth

I remember yesterday
Like it’s a million miles away
How’d I end up burning it all down
In that holy place
I guess that what happens
When you play with fire
Starts with a thought –that blows on an ember
Quite a surprise for one so shy
* I forgot who I am
I’d like to be far inside of denial
Take memory n’ wrap it in a cloth
Place it under the couch
Then lay down n’ take a pause *
Despondency and despair
Are the only things left to wear
I awake next to a river
I drink deep – the tears rush in
My memory’s returned
I bid adieu to where I’ve been
I’d forgotten who I am  *


Don’t Stand Too Tall by ed englerth

I’ve been out west and back east
Rode with the police in their back seat
I saw Uncle Sam’s dogs unleashed
Don’t stand too tall
I don’t think I’ve ever been to Spain
Can’t speak the language, never rode their trains
I hear an explosion, can’t explain
Don’t stand too tall   (music interlude)
I’ve been on – and off the leash
I’ve been a man – & a beast
Can’t pay my debt – yet I want release
Don’t stand too tall
I don’t always know what God’s talking about
It’s hard to hear – he don’t speak too loud
I’ve got a little faith – mixed with a lot of doubt
Don’t stand too tall
I’m well off – in the neighborhood
I think I’m blessed – when I’m just a fool
Sometimes I win – when I should lose
Don’t stand too tall.


After The Garden by Ed Englerth

After the Garden
we wandered around
we wondered out loud
we watched the sun go down
After the garden
We dragged our feet
Didn’t know where to go
We couldn’t find relief
//: After the garden ://
After the Garden
Our sons killed each other
The blood cried out from the ground
Will he be running now forever?
After the Garden
Nothing was the same
We thought we’d have glory
What we bought was shame
//: After the garden ://
Now we long for the good old days
When things really were better.
This is such a sad place to be.
But at least we’re all in this together
As we head off towards the tomb
We carry such a heavy weight
There’s light at the end of the tunnel
The rock’s been rolled away.
//: After the garden ://   //: After the garden ://


Talk to God by Ed Englerth

I’ve heard it told
That you talk to God
Does he speak to you
Does this happen a lot
If you meet with God today
And he seems in a mighty good mood
Would you ask him something for me
I’m sure it’s nothing new but,
*  I’m not sure how to communicate
        With someone that knows me even better than myself
        Seems it’d be old new to him
        It just be me repeating – everything again and again
Do you hear voices
Out loud? Or in your head
Or is it just a feeling you get
When there’s something being said
Does he read your thoughts
Or do you speak out loud
When do the changes come
What happens when you doubt  *
When you pray to God
Does he poke his finger into history
Do you or circumstances change
It’s always been a mystery    **
(ideas for adlibs)
Who wants yesterday’s papers
Who wants yesterday’s news
Who wants yesterday’s papers
Nobody in the world
Give me a bad case of the blues
get off my blue suede shoes
There’s someone praying…. It’s //: Bless me ://
There’s an old sot in the corner beating his chest
Saying forgive me Lord
I’m not sure how to communicate
With someone that knows me even better than myself
Who wants yesterday’s papers
Who wants yesterday’s news
Who wants yesterday’s prayers
He might refuse     . . .  . Maybe I should shut up n’ listen.


Talkin’ About Me by ed englerth

Talk about someone who’s fallen
Someone’s lost their wings
It’s said they lost their place
Careful ‘bout the injury they’ll bring
*  Talkin’ about me
     Talkin’ bout you
     (They’re) talkin’ bout me
      Talkin’ bout you
Got lost along the way
Somehow just got out of step
Then lost the path again
Yet some how can never forget  *
     The fallen are not forgotten
     Helps is found in the healers hands
     Forgiveness flows from the cross
     To all of us in this desperate land 
Years later will people ask
Hey, who used to live here
I heard they had some problems
it grew worse year by year   **


And So It Goes by Ed Englerth

The whistler dreams
A sinners dream
Hears a voice
Sounds long n’ lean
She’s laughing softly
Ask’s for another drink
Who she talking to?
Wish it was me.
* And so it goes – all night long
   And so it goes
She sounds familiar
I smell her cigarette
Then all is quiet
Have they left?
2 minutes go by
I feel out of place
No gravity
There’s only weight  *
I get up to leave
And then I freeze
I hear his voice too
& I know it’s me
I hear footsteps
A door opens and shuts
She’d calling my name
Should I walk or run?  *
Some look for an answer
Other just move on
And so it goes  **


I Just Keep Bashing My Head by Ed Englerth

I just keep bashing my head
You’d think I can’t feel pain
It’s like an endless war
I wish would end today
Was there ever a time
When it wasn’t like this?
Think about it baby
Then give me a kiss
The future’s in the past
It’s repeating once again
We can’t seem to learn
And we don’t believe in shame
It’s either too insensitive
Or it’s too soft
We may jump on baby
But we just can’t get off 
* //: I just keep bashing my head ://
Empathy is dead
If it’s seen on TV
People only watch
That are wanna bees
I don’t want to be in debt to no one
Except the debt of love
I owe love . . . I owe love
Pride and ignorance
Walking hand in hand
Fear and strife soon follow
And they do a crooked dance
Hatred and violence
Attitudes and patterns
Common sense lies gasping
The whirlwind is getting fatter  **//: I owe love ://

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