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New Ed Englerth Trio Ed Englerth has a new trio featuring Randy Carlson on bass and Matt Larghi on percussion. They play ‘Moody Intelligent Folk Jazz Blues’ – both instrumentals and vocals.

Ed Englerth has played music with; Ray White (Frank Zappa & Zappa Plays Zappa), Kenny Meeks (Sixpence None The Richer), Joe English (Paul McCartney & Wings), Robin Robbins (Bob Seger), John Lawry (Petra), Jan Krist, Ben Brown, Jim Cole, Aracely, Jim Earp, Scott Roley, Dave Perkins (Chagall Guevara), Donny Hartman (Frost), Xalt, Armada, Linear Action Band, Aslan, Harvey Jet (Black Oak Arkansas) , and Earthen Vessel.

Randy Carlson has performed internationally including Guatemala and El Salvador where his band performed for more than 15,000 people. The concert in El Salvador marked the first appearance by an American band in that country’s history.

Matt Larghi originally from Keller, Texas by way of Colorado rounds out this three generational band.  Matt has made quite an impression on those that have had the opportunity to hear him in this new context.

Ed Englerth Band pulls the current pulse from three generations of musical influences presenting something refreshing and unique in the form of ‘Moody Intelligent Folk Jazz Blues’

They said what about Ed Englerth?

  • “[Restless Ghost] is a fascinating release with bags of heart and integrity and deserves wider recognition than just the underground buzz that it will no doubt generate.” Paddy Hudspith – Cross Rhythms UK
  • “The strengths of this collection of songs [Restless Ghost] are Englerth’s often creative and always quite impressive guitar playing, and his interaction with his band members” Bert Saraco –Phantom Tollbooth US  
  • “Englerth’s masterful guitar playing, direct and unpretentious vocals, and thoughtful lyrics are increasingly impressive upon repeated listenings.” S.T. Karnick – National Review Online.
  • “Is it possible to call him [Ed Englerth] a genius? I think so…”
    Rafael Carnovale – Brasil – Rio De Janeiro – Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal
  • “top quality” – Wonderful World of Music, Belgium.
  • “masterful guitar playing” – All Music Guide (AMG)
  • “Ed is a consummate musician” Cross Rhythms (United Kingdom)
  • “The lyrics contain relevant thoughts of social justice…Mr. Englerth has quite a knack for creating thought-provoking tunes…” White Throne – California
  • “the driving motor behind this great rock and roll…” Switzerland – Cross Metal
  • “Wow! . . . one of the underground’s best-kept secrets. This guy needs to be put on a label!!” Chris Yambar – The Activist – Youngstown, Ohio.
  • “deserves much more press than I can give him.” Brian A. Smith – Phantom Tollbooth
  • “A work that transcends age, for the connoisseur” Rocka Rolla – Argentina
  • “the real deal” Justin Wright – Phantom Tollbooth

2009 saw Ed Englerth nominated in three categories

for the WYCE 88.1 Jammies awards.

Local Male Solo Artist
ENGLERTH~ED – Restless Ghost

Best Local SONG of the Year
ENGLERTH, ED Restless Ghost – She Couldn’t Help

Best Local ALBUM of the Year
ENGLERTH~ED – Restless Ghost

Ed Englerth – SHAKE, RATTLE, and FOLK, and JAZZ and BLUES and More . . . SHAKE . . . Disturbing the warp and woof, shattering the serene, unnerving the unresponsive, rhythms that make you sweat. RATTLE . . . What awakens one from dreams, from that place of comfortable complacency? From the distillation of life in this world come the images from Ed. FOLK . . . Music that verbalizes attitudes and dimensions. Acoustic, it carries the energy from the power of the song rather than the power of the amplifier. JAZZ . . . Freedom to express from the long linage of the soul. BLUES. . . . Refuses to ignore hardship in this life and our response to it.. MORE…. Never ending.

More About Ed Englerth

Ed Englerth is a legend in this business. He has written thousands of songs and some of which have been recorded and performed by other artists. As a pioneer in the Folk and Rock scene Ed played in 70s bands such as Aslan and Earthen Vessel. Today, Ed’s style is a mix of folk, blues, jazz and experimental music.  With intelligent song crafting he covers issues of skepticism, faith, social justice, love lost & love found, and the everyday struggles and triumphs of life.  He is the founding member and songwriter for the band LAB (Linear Action Band). As a solo artist Ed has several recorded projects. The latest CD is called, “Hope Dream Sigh”. Other CDs include, “Restless Ghost.”, “D.I.A.L. Business”, “The Ed Englerth Jazz Quartet”, “Anything But Hope”, “Live at the State Grounds Coffeehouse”, “Little Bit Of Me Everywhere,” “Rational?,” and “PINGO.  Ed blends wit and wisdom and we come away in good spirits, entertained, and enlightened.  Enjoy Ed as an intimate coffeehouse musician, with just he and his guitar, or with his band for a full-blown ‘Moody Intelligent Folk Jazz Blues’ experience.

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  1. Hey Ed,

    Good to meet you the other night. I just wanted to send you an email so you will have my email address. When you have a chance, let’s get together for coffee or something.

    Talk to you soon,


  2. Yes Matt, and thanks for writting. My life has been overflowing lately. The new year looks bright and busy and it’d be good to get together.

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