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“Hope Dream Sigh” – Sasquatch’s top release from 2011 thus far.

Mark Blair Glunt – “How do I love the preacher? How do I love the politician? How do I love the billionaire? How do I love without conditions?… How do I love the homeless? How do I love the drunks? How do I love the fearful? How do I love instead of run?” from Ed Englerth’s newly released CD “Hope Dream Sigh” – Sasquatch’s top release from 2011 thus far.

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Hope Dream Sigh

Hope Dream Sigh - (Cover)

 Haunted,  Within My Skin, How Do I Love,  Try,  Chalk It Up, Trouble, Don’t Give Up, I Declare, Where We Were, I Do I Don’t, You’d Think By Now, Wish You Were Here, Empty Pockets, Sad Stories, What Do I Do, When Words Fail, A Good Death


Includes the following songs:ED ENGLERTH: Restless Ghost     
Talkin’ About Me
And  So It Goes
I Forget Who I Am
Restless Ghost
I’m Gone
What Am I For
She Couldn’t Help
Don’t Stand Too Tall
Mr Warrin
Magnificent Tragedy
Talk To God
I Just Keep Bashing My Head
After The Garden

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D.I.A.L. Business

ED ENGLERTH: D.I.A.L. Business
Songs include:
At The Count Of Three
D.I.A.L. Business
We Hang On
If It’s Like This On Earth
Lost On The Way To Morning
God In A Box
I Don’t Want To Wake Up
Long Time
We Explain It Away
It’s Hard
For You
Wishing Well
You Tell Me
Mercy Mercy
(hidden tracks)
Song For Puck
Travel The Land