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“Hope Dream Sigh” – Sasquatch’s top release from 2011 thus far.

Mark Blair Glunt – “How do I love the preacher? How do I love the politician? How do I love the billionaire? How do I love without conditions?… How do I love the homeless? How do I love the drunks? How do I love the fearful? How do I love instead of run?” from Ed Englerth’s newly released CD “Hope Dream Sigh” – Sasquatch’s top release from 2011 thus far.

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6:30 PM on Saturday June 11th, 2011.  is when Ed Englerth Band is playing.  We’ll be around the grounds off n’ on during the fest, stop buy n’ say hey.
We should have our new ‘hats’ and hopefully the new CD will be with us too.  It’s called “Hope, Dream, Sigh”
We should have a few shirts left and of course we’ll have copies of “Restless Ghost” and “D.I.A.L. Business” available.
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Hope Dream Sigh

Hope Dream Sigh - (Cover)

 Haunted,  Within My Skin, How Do I Love,  Try,  Chalk It Up, Trouble, Don’t Give Up, I Declare, Where We Were, I Do I Don’t, You’d Think By Now, Wish You Were Here, Empty Pockets, Sad Stories, What Do I Do, When Words Fail, A Good Death


Includes the following songs:ED ENGLERTH: Restless Ghost     
Talkin’ About Me
And  So It Goes
I Forget Who I Am
Restless Ghost
I’m Gone
What Am I For
She Couldn’t Help
Don’t Stand Too Tall
Mr Warrin
Magnificent Tragedy
Talk To God
I Just Keep Bashing My Head
After The Garden

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D.I.A.L. Business

ED ENGLERTH: D.I.A.L. Business
Songs include:
At The Count Of Three
D.I.A.L. Business
We Hang On
If It’s Like This On Earth
Lost On The Way To Morning
God In A Box
I Don’t Want To Wake Up
Long Time
We Explain It Away
It’s Hard
For You
Wishing Well
You Tell Me
Mercy Mercy
(hidden tracks)
Song For Puck
Travel The Land